How to get a meeting with anyone

The hard part just got easy.

You know how to sell that’s your job after all but, getting CEOs and VIPs to call you back is the tricky part. You’re in luck: That impossible-to-reach person isn’t so impossible to reach after all.

Hall-of-Fame-nominated marketer and Wall Street Journal cartoonist Stu Heinecke discovered that he could get past traditional gatekeepers to reach those elusive executives by thinking outside the box and using personalized approaches he calls Contact Campaigns.” Including presidents, a prime minister, celebrities, countless CEOs, and even the Danish model who became his wife, Heinecke found that getting meetings with previously unreachable people was easier than ever. Now he shares his tactics and tips in this essential guide for anyone who needs to make contact.
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Es el último libro de Jürgen Klaric enfocado a las ventas de productos y servicios. El método y las técnicas aquí expuestos salieron de diversos estudios realizados en laboratorios científicos. Asimismo, fueron avalados por investigaciones antropológicas y neurocientíficas.

El autor prueba en este libro que los procesos de ventas a los que estamos acostumbrados son sumamente desgastantes y poco efectivos, debido a que no sabemos cómo funciona la mente, aunque sí le hagamos caso a la gente. Las ventas de este libro han sido todo un récord en los primeros meses tras su lanzamiento, convirtiéndose en el modelo comercial y de venta de empresas como General Motors, Telefónica Movistar, Claro, SAB-Miller e Ikea.


If you want to know, step by step, how to quickly, easily, and smoothly walk anyone from being a skeptical prospect to a happy customer that refers you friends, family, and colleagues…then you want to read this book.

Here's the deal:
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Born to win the Ultimate Seminar

Zig Ziglar will reveal your surest path to success and help your untapped greatness become visible.

For more than 50 years, in a style that is unquestionably his own, Zig Ziglar has used his quick wit, down-home charm, and abundance of energy to inspire excellence in people throughout the world. In Born to Win, Zig’s nonstop passion inspires and informs as Zig speaks to you as if you’re sitting front-row center in his sold-out seminar. In Born to Win you’ll learn:
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